Thursday, February 05, 2009

Acrostics are Fine, but how about Suffragette Jewelry?

Carolyn asks: "Would be interested in knowing what your thoughts are on so called sufferagette jewerly. Seems to be two schools of thought, that it existed, and the other that it is bunk. The letters of the color of each gem in that case would spell the acrostic message Give Women Votes."

Great question. Kenneth Florey wrote the best article I have seen on this topic, and you can find it HERE.

I agree with him that Suffragette Jewelry is bunk. To summarize his main reasons: 1) no suffrage organization had green, white, and violet as their official colors, 2) one organization used purple, green, and white as their colors, however they were explicit as to the symbolic meanings of the colors, which were not meant to be acrostics, and 3) none used the slogan "give women the vote." I would add, as I noted in the acrostics post, that color (I.E. green for "g") was never used in acrostics, rather the names of the stones lent the acrostic letters. I hope that helps. Best, Kyle


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